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Hello and welcome to my website The Spiritual Hub, I am Victoria and I am a Spiritual Medium and Holistic healer. I specialise in inner child work and shadow work.

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After my own traumas I have dedicated many years to my own spiritual journey healing and evolving, from an 18 year old who was diagnosed with bi polar, various mental health diagnoses and a life plagued by emotional unreglation, depressive episodes and suicidal tendencies. I knew I wanted a different life.

I have been a Medium and Tarot reader for 15 years and for the last 8 have been studying academic psychology alongside extensive research in to my own healing and how I became the person I did. Unhappy, in abusive relationships and toxic myself.

So here I am, transformed my life and empowering and teaching others in many forms and with different tools how they can also uncover who they are and start a journey of self-exploration and self-realisation which leads to a journey of healing and a more fulfilled, happy, peaceful life.


I run various spiritual teaching/coaching programs throughout the year which are 6 weekly zoom meetings. I also do courses that can be completed within your own time.

I am a spiritual reader who also works doing online readings sent via email. I feel having the document Infront of you either spirit link or tarot reading is powerful so you can refer back to it and have it there to help you within the future. I do readings connecting to spirit for a reading of love and connection to prove the continuation of life while delivering a message of love from your loved one who has passed, as well as using Tarot to connect to what is occurring within your life, what is happening that you may not fully be aware of and what can you do to change and heal it to lead you to the next stage within your life a more evolved person who has recognised and changed a potential cycle within their life

I do not read for the future in any aspect, I also don’t read regarding pregnancy, health or death.

Please feel free to look at my courses or readings and if have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via WhatsApp, text or call @ 07492792184

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