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Spiritual Awakening The call of your soul DEPOSIT






This is a 6-week course that is done via Zoom; every Wednesday for six weeks at 7, 30 you will receive a workbook with weekly lessons and audio-guided meditations to use along the way. This in-depth course explores Your life and how you face life. It will awaken you to the potential of how life isn’t actually what you believe it is, and you will uncover how you have been facing life and the possible self-sabotaging ways that have been affecting you. This course is fantastic for opening your eyes and leading you to understand who you are more and why you are the way that you are. This will lead you to more self-understanding while building compassion and love for the person you are.

The modules that we work through are

week 1: Who are you, belief systems and conditioned behaviour, week

Week 2: Attachment wounds, how you bond, and why you struggle with connections.

Week 3. Facing Emotions and learning new ways to deal with emotions as well as emotional understanding.

Week 4 Learning Acceptance and what it is and how to embrace it.

Week 5. Connecting to yourself authentically and learning authenticity.

Week 6. I will bring forward to you through cards what is the next stage of your life you can take this information through on

You will have access to a WhatsApp group where the recorded Zoom group sessions will be shared and where direct contact with me will happen. I will send you a workbook, and you will be able to work through this alongside me. I will teach different things within Zoom.

If you commit to learning new things about yourself and self-reflection, this course can make a huge difference in your life and personal growth.


This Spiritual Coaching is available upon application. Application is a chat with me about where you are within your life and if you are in the right space and have the time to reflect and do the inner work that will see results. If you are going through any major life changes, such as bereavement and major things that may hold you back, then this course is not the right thing for you at the present time. Contact me on 07492792184

This course is £150, which can be split up, with a deposit of £50, and the rest paid in instalments over the course's duration.


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