Victoria Bedford

My name is Victoria Bedford and I am a healer of many kinds. It is very hard to define myself within one box or category as I work on so many levels with so many different techniques to bring tailored healing to individuals life’s. My original main practice which I have worked hard to have a strong connection with is Spirit within Mediumship.

I have gained so much knowledge and insight in to people, communities and how we operate. which within readings and working with people is extremely important. I use so much of what I have learnt. The way My tarot readings readings work are to tap in to the cause and affects of decisions and how to make change that can create growth within your life. To help you see through behaviours that is blocking happiness and success 

Already working with the Tarot I used my experiences, my growth and lessons whilst also using all my academic knowledge to integrate shadow work and healing through the tarot. 

So as much as my work is with the Tarot, I use spiritual healing with CBT tools I have gained the knowledge of and the counselling skills I have gained to become a spiritual Coach, mentor, teacher, alchemist and Spiritual Reader. I tailor all readings and sessions to my clients needs.

I am however Not a counsellor I work on a spiritual level on the mind, body, soul and emotions,