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Dream Journal. e-journel


Do you have dreams that leave you feeling confused, or are you wanting to dream and be able to see and know what your subconscious is telling you.

Psychologist in the 1900 determined that your dreams held hidden meanings from your waking life. From fear to anger, sadness or new things coming in that you are not fully seeing your dreams hold so many hidden things that once uncovered through journaling will allow you to see what you need to work on, change or embrace.

we are held back by emotions we do not process, recognise or even know are there, when you start dream journaling you are able to see patterns within your dreams. To uncover meanings from symbols you dream and to be able to lead yourself create space to dream meaningful dreams.

This Dream Journal will give some common themes of things within dreams it will also include some understanding around crystals and how they can aid your dreams.

Exercises to help incubate a dream, monthly sleep log so you can log times you sleep and if you go bed earlier or more rested does it help. It will lead you to see patterns within your sleep times.

This journal will really help you journal and reflect on your dreams and their meanings.

This is sent via email and is a digital copy that can be used off your computer, laptop or phone.




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