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The workbook of self-care e- workbook


This is a workbook that has been created to learn how to bring into your life self-care. This workbook will open your eyes to what self-care is: boundaries in friendships, relationships etc, timeout, coping skills and resilience during challenging times. All of these things are missed within our life’s and often leave us burnout, giving to much of ourselves away, having unfulfilling partnerships, relationships and friendships.

Self-care when understood and implemented within your life will change your life and the core of who you are. You will feel more respected, fulfilled and you will recognise your needs more than you ever have before.

All of what is in this workbook is the things i have learnt within my own life growth and what has led me to where i am today.

This version is an e version and completed from your digital device. It can be completed within your own time.



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