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TAROT READING inner child healing reading.


In life, we have behaviours that we have learned and inherited from the wounds of our parents. Things impact us in our childhood that we did not even know, and then they stay with us and self-sabotage us. We believe that we are always going to be like this, as it is just who we are. The truth is a lot of behaviours have come from our parents, environment and things that we did not know impacted us.

I will look into with different cards what these things are and what you have brought to your current age and life. What t means and how you can change it enables deeper healing and personal growth as you see where things have come from and how they were never yours.

If you are on a journey of healing and self-empowerment, this is an amazing reading for delving deeper and unpicking things with your inner child.

You will receive an inner child meditation via a link I will send to what’s an app or your e-mail with your reading wich will include ways to heal and connect with your inner child.




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