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Mediumship Reading

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For this I require a photo of the person in spirit  can this please be sent to whatsapp on 0492792184 or via my email address.

I will need an up to date email address also.

This reading is a connection to spirit a mediumship reading is not like a telephone call and will not be word for word what you may want to hear. This is a letter from spirit where you will be able to feel their personality and you will be given personal information that you and family will be able to validate. This information will not be generic information it will be personal to them, you and the wider family. I will give whatever the person in spirit wants to give me.

Please note : these readings are for healing and when possible closure is needed. Your spirit loved one may not come through if you have had lots of readings or you are only having a reading just to see what they have to say. These are specific readings and the need for them is connection after, Sudden loss, a loss that has been hard to process, a loss that has left you feeling you need validation to know they are ok.

Quite often people like to think mediumship readings are like telephone calls and you can just dial up your loved one this is not the case. PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR NEED IS WITH YOUR READING.

These are in-depth readings which are beautiful for healing from the loss of those we love. You will feel their personality and have memory jolts as you read the reading that has been completed for you. Your reading will included facts about their life and the life you had with them and a message they would like to pass to you.

Please do contact me if there is anything within the reading you want to clarify. There will always be things you will need to spend some time working out or asking relatives. This is because spirit want the love of the reading to be carried to others who they loved and also because your loved one wants you to spend time thinking about them and connecting to them through the reading.

The reading should absolutely be read and digested more than once as you continue to link more things.


These readings help promote healing and sometimes closure after a passing.

This reading will be completed up to ten days after payment. I will contact you to confirm your booking once payment has been made.

There are occasions where I may not be able to link with your loved one. A full refund will be provided and I will give possible reasons why right now is not the right time.

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4 reviews for Mediumship Reading

  1. Samantha Webb (verified owner)

    I had both the mediumship and tarot readings from Victoria and all I can say is WOW. She gives so much detail and even explanations of what these things may mean for you. There a lot of people out there that profess to have the gift of vision and the ability to communicate with spirit, but Victoria is the real deal. So many things she gave me that no one knew. And the in depth assessment of the tarot reading resonated in my soul. She gave me healing, hope, and the way out of my current stagnation. What Victoria gave me was worth so much more than I can ever repay. If you are going through something, need direction, or just want to connect with someone you love, put your trust in Victoria to help you get what you need. She is a beautiful soul that gives healing with a side of love. She is amazing!

  2. Lauren

    This lady is super amazing had two readings off her now, and wow blew my mind !! She is 100% genuine and accurate ! and such a lovely and kind person it’s unreal.She’s the real deal knew what my dad passed of all accurate info just from a photo she is absolutely amazing can’t rate her high enough , Excited for
    More in the future xx

  3. Theresa Egan

    Purchased two courses from Victoria and she blessed me with some extra ones too. Printed them off although you can do them on a laptop or PC even your phone. Just started reading one absolutely jam packed full of information and insight well worth every penny and will enjoy my journey. Excellent customer service too. Wonderful person to deal with. 5 star all the way. Also will be booking a medium ship with her in the near future strongly recommended 😊

    • Victoria Bedford

      Thank you so much for this review I am over the moon you see all the content ive tried to make sure I have included to be beneficial to those who undertake my courses. x

    • Victoria Bedford

      Wow thank you so much for this review i am so pleased your so happy and i was more than happy to help you along your beautiful journey. Look forward to working with you in the future.

  4. Jessica Harvey

    My first medium reading

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