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Holistic Therapy (trauma informed therapy)


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This is a therapy to help facilitate people through a healing journey.

This is an hour-long Zoom meeting during which I will work to help you understand yourself more deeply—the impacts that your experiences have had on you and the impact they have on your behaviours. Working through behaviours you may have created and adapted to that come from wounded parts of you.


Each therapy session will be tailored to your needs and include talk therapy, CBT, and holistic methods such as meditation, breathwork, visualization, and body connection techniques. I work to help bring your body into safety over time by calming and regulating your nervous system with tools like breath work, journal prompts, etc.

This is a different kind of therapy, known as bottom-up therapy. It works to connect the body back to its emotions and mind and doesn't just examine the mind and thoughts as if they are the only source of the problem.

Experiences stay trapped in the etheric and muscular bodies until a completion process occurs, which decreases how triggered you become over time.

These sessions are not one-off sessions, and you will need to invest in yourself for a period of time. I do say two weekly minimum is important and not weekly as the work we undertake you will need time to process and to reflect on over the two weeks. You may decide once a month or three weekly. I would say no less than 1 a month for the benefit.


This needs to be booked personally through me. I can make the day or early evening appointments.


Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be chargeable.

no refunds, and I can re-arrange with notice.

you can either pre-pay your slot and book with me or contact me first at 07492792184


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