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l IN-DEPTH TAROT READING about life now, obstacles and ways to move forward

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This reading is an in-depth reading . This reading is a reading that will not tell your future or what choices you need to make. This tarot reading is to help show you what it is that is holding you back. If you are stuck, lost or feel you need guidance in your life as a way forward, this reading can help.

In life, we are held back by our own behaviours, ones we know of and behaviours we don’t know of, and these behaviours hold us back; they hold our relationships back, and job opportunities and leave us feeling lost. please believe me when I say all situations are linked when you reconise and change things in areas picked up it can help in love, job, friendship and family.

These readings can empower you by bringing light on behaviours that hold you back, what you need to know, what is affecting you, and what your strengths are.

They are not like other tarot readings where you are being told what is coming and how many children you have and what your partner is up to so please be aware that it will look different.

If you are open and ready to hear some things that may not be comfortable, then this is for you. Remember, growth does not come from the known it comes from the unknown. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. If you don’t like life right now, something needs to change you ready to see what does?

I use my psychology knowledge and background to help you navigate your way through the current stage of your life.

I require a photo of yourself; please send it to 07492792184 on WhatsApp readings are completed within 14 working days due to the depth of each reading I do and how many bookings I get. I am available on whats app after for any questions after.



1 review for l IN-DEPTH TAROT READING about life now, obstacles and ways to move forward

  1. Andrew Mccutcheon

    Any chance of an independent reading

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